Scientific and methodological center
«Electromagnetic compatibility»



Our goal is a new approach to electromagnetic compatibility


The Scientific and Methodological Center "Electromagnetic Compatibility" (SMC "EMC") was established in the second half of 2018 due to the need to combine and update the ways and methods of solving the problem of achieving electromagnetic compatibility, which are now significantly outdated.

The basic position of the Center is the desire to maintain regulatory legal acts, requirements and methods set out in international, regional and national standards in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, at the current level of technological development and taking into account the provisions of the Program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation

Among the mid-term plans of the Center:

  • development of new national standards of the GOST 34594 series – “Electromagnetic compatibility. Smart City”;

  • development of international standards based on already published national standards of this series;

  • continuation of scientific and methodological research on regulation and standards development in the field of electromagnetic compatibility.


Through its representatives, the Center carries out its activities at the international level, including:

The Scientific and Methodological Center «Electromagnetic Compatibility» is a basic company for the development of standards for the activities of Technical Committees for standardization «Electromagnetic compatibility» (TC 030) and «Electrical and Electronic Equipment» (TC 019).

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