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The representative of the Russian Federation, Chair of the National Technical Committees for Standardization No. 019 "Electrical and Electronic Devices" and No. 030 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means", Nickolay Fayzrakhmanov was re-elected for the second term as IECEE Board of Appeals Chair


At the annual meeting of the Certification Management Committee (CMC) of the IECEE Conformity Assessment System the election of the IECEE Board of Appeals Chair was held. Nickolay Fayzrakhmanov, the representative of Russian Federation, the Chair of the Russian national technical committees for standardization No.019 “Electrical and electronic devices” and No.030 “Electromagnetic Compatibility of technical means” was re-elected to the position of BoA Chair for his second term of office.

Our sincere Congratulations to Nickolay Fayzrakhmanov on being elected to a significant international position and therefore on recognition of his merits in the field of worldwide standards development and conformity assessment.

Work with appeals ensures the implementation of the principles of transparency and openness of standards development and conformity assessment.

The 20th anniversary meeting of the Rosstandard Appeals Commission, at which 7 appeals were considered, was held recently.

Based on Rosstandard information 24.06.2022.

Rosstandard representatives took part in meetings of the governing bodies of international organizations for standardization.


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND June 21, 2022 – Regular meetings of the governing bodies of international organizations for standardization – the Technical Management Board of the International Standardization Organization (ISO TMB) and the Conformity Assessment Board of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC CAB) were held in a hybrid format. The meeting of ISO TMB was attended by Mr. Anton Shalaev, the Head of Rosstandard, while the meeting of IEC CAB was attended by members of the CAB - Georgy Feodoridi and Nickolay Fayzrakhmanov.

Just recall that the ISO TMB is one of the three central management bodies of the International Standardization Organization and is responsible for the overall management of the structure and activities of technical committees and any other strategic advisory bodies. Based on the decisions of the ISO TMB, international technical committees for standardization are established or disbanded, Chairs of international TC are appointed, and their secretariats are fixed, procedures for TC activities and standards development are updated, controversial issues (appeals) in the field of international standardization within ISO are considered. Also, it is within the framework of the ISO TMB that the most effective international technical committees are determined – the winners of the annual Lawrence D. Eicher Award. Mr. Anton Shalaev has been a member of the ISO TMB since 2016, having been re-elected for another term in 2019.

In turn, the IEC CAB performs the functions of operational management of IEC conformity assessment activities, in which four international certification systems are currently functioning – in the field of electrical equipment, in the field of electronic components, in the field of equipment operating in explosive environments, and in the field of renewable energy sources. Nickolay Fayzrakhmanov has been participating in the activities of the Council as a representative of the Russian Federation since 2015, while also holding the post of Chair of the Board of Appeals of the IECEE system, and Georgy Feodoridi – since 2021.

A wide range of issues were considered during the meetings. In particular, the IEC CAB heard reports on the progress of collaboration with other conformity assessment organizations, including long-term cooperation with the Conformity Assessment Committee of the International Standardization Organization (ISO CASCO), together with which a series of standards in the field of conformity assessment ISO/IEC 17000 is being developed and updated. Nickolay Fayzrakhmanov in his report focused on the work on the new IEC "Guide to the Drafting of Publications on Electromagnetic Field Exposure Assessment". All members of the Board supported the initiative of the Russian side to create an operational group within the Board to analyze the new Guide in order to develop recommendations for its application in conformity assessment.

In turn, at the meeting of the ISO TMB, one of the central topics was international standardization in the field of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the Climate agenda.

Based on Rosstandard information 21.06.2022.

The annual meeting of Certification Management Committee (CMC) of the Electrical Equipment Certification System of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IECEE) was held on June, 1 – 3, remotely.


The meeting was attended by representatives of National Member Bodies and National Certification Bodies of the IECEE - Australia, Austria, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, China, Korea, Russian Federation, USA, France, Japan and other countries. The Russian delegation was headed by Nickolay Fayzrakhmanov, member of the IECEE CMC. The delegation from Russia also included members of the IECEE National Certification Body, representatives of FBI “Rostest-Moscow”.

The IECEE was established by the International Electrotechnical Commission with the aim of reducing the costs of manufacturers for conformity assessment and certification of electrical equipment and electrical engineering. 54 countries are currently members of the IECEE. The Russian Federation has been a permanent member of the IECEE since 1985, the country has a certification body and testing laboratories recognized by IECEE.

During the meeting, a wide range of issues was considered - technical, financial, organizational. The reports of the Working Groups and Committees (including the Committee of Testing Laboratories and the Peer Assessment Committee) were presented, issues of cooperation with regional conformity assessment systems were considered. Draft of the guiding document of the future “Radio” Certification Scheme, which promises to be successful against the background of the development of telecommunication equipment in the world was presented to the participants of the meeting.

As a separate decision, the Steering Committee thanked the IECEE Board of Appeal (chaired by Nickolay Fayzrakhmanov) for the high competence shown during the consideration of the appeal received in 2020. By the same decision, the Committee approved the proposals of the Board of Appeal on updating some of the IECEE Rules of Procedure and Operational Documents.

Just a reminder that in April, a meeting of the Management Committee of another IEC certification system took place - the IECEE certification system for electronic components (IECQ), in which the Russian delegation also took part as a full member, whose participation was renewed in 2020.

Based on Rosstandard information 09.06.2021.